Got Injured on Someone Else’s Property? Go for a Personal Injury Attorney!

Were you injured when visiting someone else’s house and did that injury cause you harm – physical, emotional or financial? Are you convinced that you did not contribute to the accident in any way?

If you are in the situation mentioned above, then you can apply for a compensation claim against them.

Why should you demand compensation?

All property owners have a duty to take care of lawful visitors under the Occupiers’ Liability Act of 1957, and so if they have not ensured the safety of their guests, they can be charged with negligence. Just as an employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of his employees in the workplace, the owners of a property are supposed to make sure that the possibilities of accidents and injuries are minimum when someone is visiting.

Injuries at someone else’s home may include:

  • Slipping and falling down the stairs.
  • Mishaps in the swimming pool.
  • Getting a dog bite.
  • Falling off some equipment.
  • Tripping over an uneven surface or carpeting
  • Slipping on snow or ice

You can either file for this compensation when you are hurt in someone else’s home or when you are injured as a tenant while paying rent to your homeowner.

When can you apply for a compensation claim?

Before you decide to apply for a compensation claim, you need to keep the following things in mind.

1)      The injury or loss for which you are claiming compensation should have occurred during an accident in another person’s property.

2)      The owner of the property was at fault.

3)      The accident has caused you significant injuries, as well as cost your medical expenses and financial losses.

How difficult is it to get a compensation claim?

If the property owner accepts that it was his/ her fault, then the compensation can be won easily. However, the owner may hold you partially responsible or claim that you were previously warned of the risks while entering the house. However, if you are sure that you are in no way to blame and you deserve to be compensated you need to take more steps. You will need thorough legal analysis to determine the outcome of your claim. In these cases, it is advised that you take the help of a solicitor who is experienced in these matters. If you are looking for solicitors in England, Wales or Scotland you can visit the Solicitors Guru website to get more information.

If you feel that you cannot afford the legal fees, you can hire solicitors who offer the agreement to minimize your financial risks – read further details about no win no fee practice.

Solicitors will look to gather evidence and information that includes the date and time of the incident, the place at which the accident took place (with pictures if possible), medical bills and a record of the expenses incurred as a result of the accident and more.

Remember to have all the necessary details to increase your chances of winning compensation!